This is just the beginning of our future plans to continue to rewild urban spaces within our cities.

Here we planted wildflower seeds over 800 square meters of land within Wednesfield Park to help with the increase of plant and insect biodiversity in the UK and educate our local communities in Wolverhampton of its importance. 


We've been advised to wait until this area is in full bloom and deemed successful before we can continue with our mission of 'creating space for nature'.  In the meantime, take a look at our amazing launch day in the video below and read more about this project in our designated blogs... 

Local volunteers come together
to help water wildflower meadow 

It is known that global temperatures are increasing due to climate change which is a contributing factor towards the UK having drier weather. To ensure this didn't effect the establishment of our wildflower meadow,  together with our local community groups, we worked through the heat to fetch water from the local canal to nourish each 400 metre square patch of land. We are so thankful for all the support we have had throughout this ongoing venture.


Our cities wild islands

Coming soon...

We are only at the beginning of our journey with this one however as soon as we can, we will be keeping you posted with what we get up to along the way!

Documentary Film

Sneak Preview of our interview with Bumblebee expert Dave Goulson.